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Population Primary sectors Hotspots
2,788,929 Leisure, Retail Dubai

In the last decade, Dubai has transformed from a city focussed on oil and trade in to a global city and business hub. Now a beacon for business, Dubai’s main revenues come from tourism, aviation, real estate and financial services. Dubai is the 7th most visited city in the world, and its traffic increases at over 10% a year, a figure that cannot be ignored.

Popular businesses for sale in Dubai

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
31,043,000 Hotels & Holiday Accommodation Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia has the 35th highest GDP in the world, which is impressive considering it’s considered a newly industrialised country. The main industries are international trade, banking and manufacture, but tourism is a burgeoning sector, bringing in almost 26 million tourists a year.

Popular businesses for sale in Malaysia

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
100,981,437 Leisure, Agriculture Quezon City

This collection of islands is known as an emerging market, which is a rapidly expanding in both the world economy and on the political frontier. Whilst agriculture is still an important industry, electronics, tourism and services make up a huge part of the country’s wealth, with foreign companies investing in the country being a major stakeholder.

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Population Primary sectors Hotspots
14,565,547 Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs Sukhumvit

After receiving significant foreign investment in the 90s, this Thai capital has experienced rapid growth amidst little urban planning, resulting in an eclectic city with activity in every corner. Wholesale and retail trade contribute 24% of the city’s gross provincial product (GPP), though the city attracts an estimated 16 million tourists a year.

Popular businesses for sale in Bangkok

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
20,271,272 House & Garden, Retail Palm Beach, Miami, Broward County

The state's economy relies mainly on tourism, agriculture and transportation. Florida is also renowned for amusement parks, especially in the Orlando area. The state is truly multicultural too, distinctive with its Cuban, European, Hispanic and Native American influences across the state.

Popular businesses for sale in Florida

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
205,338,000 Hotels & Holiday Accommodation Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and a growing economy, meaning it is a good place to invest in. Tourism is one of these growing industries and in 2011, over 5 million international tourists travel to Brazil due to the weather, the rainforest or the beaches. However, Brazil is a trading nation and is a world leader in exports, mainly coffee and cars, but also aircraft, electricals, iron, steel and textiles.

Popular businesses for sale in Brazil

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
60,674,003 Agriculture, Leisure Siena

Italy has the eighth biggest GDP in the world, with almost 60% of its trade going back and forth within the Euro zone. As the home of over 1.6 million small farms, Italy has a farming economy suited for a smaller farmer. Within tourism, Italy receives over 50 million visitors a year, making it the fifth most visited country in the world.

Popular businesses for sale in Italy

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
7,200,000 Retail

Kuala Lumpur alone has 66 shopping malls and is the retail and fashion hub for Malaysia, showing that retail is a large part in the growing economy however tourism is the largest presence in the city, with many worldwide hotel chains having positions here. The service sector is large, comprising of business for nearly anyone, with almost any kind of service available.

Popular businesses for sale in Kuala Lumpur

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