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No matter what industry or which country you are buying or selling a business in, these guides will help you through the process. It can be overwhelming to start the journey but, once you have read these guides, you should have the information that is necessary to be confident in the task at hand.

Get the steps you should follow to successfully buy or sell a business. Find out how to create the perfect listing, perform due diligence, or raise finance to buy a business. These guides will make sure you start off the process on the right foot.

We have put together information from experts and professionals in the field so that you can successfully dive into the procedure of buying or selling a business.

Seller's Guides

If you are looking to sell a business, you need to be as prepared as possible. This guide will help you with that preparation. Find out how to prepare your business, get your records in order and find out whether you should hire a broker.

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Buyer's Guides

Are you looking for the ideal business to buy to fulfill your dream of being your own boss? This guide will walk you through the process. Discover what business will be right for you and which industries will help you be a success.

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Franchises Guides

Franchising is a business model that is undeniably successful. If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, there’s some important processes and timelines you need to be aware of. Our franchise hub will help you make a more informed decision, offering useful tips, trustworthy advice and more.

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Start-Up Guides

If you are considering opening a business, you need to have a solid understanding of what it means to do so. Our start-up guides will do just that; prepare you for opening the business of your dreams that you can be proud of.

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M&A Guides

The global value of M&A transactions is incredibly high, atributed to the value these types of business strategies bring. Learn more about mergers and acquisitions across the world in our helpful guides.

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Q&A Guide

Our Questions and Answers guide will give you answers to any other questions that you have.

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